Hotels and resorts of the district in state of 2012 year

Hotel “Seul” st. Sedova 13

Address of the hotel: Boyarka, st.Kyivska\ Mayakovskogo

+38(068) 322 97 48

General Information: hotel-restaurant complex “Boyarsky Dvir”, is situated on the entry to Boyarka in 5 minutes from ring road of Kyiv, it is a new wooden cottage, landscaped green area.

Rooms: 7 double-places comfortable rooms, price depends on the size of diagonal of TV in the room. There is extra price on the days off.

Restaurant: Cafe Ukrainian and European cuisine on the ground floor.

Address of the hotel: Boyarka, Voroshilova 26, “Znannya”

+38 (067) 756 56 74

General Information: a small private hotel “Lux” situated in Boyarka in the Kyiv suburb.

Rooms: There are 8 rooms, double-and three places rooms- “Standart” and “Lux”.

Restaurant: The restaurant is situated in 1oo meters from the mini-hotel, besides there is equipped kitchen, for independent cooking.

The price includes: Breakfast.


Description :Best prices and discount for vacation with famaly travel.

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Phone number (044) 459 7775

In the hotel there are 17 rooms, double places and single rooms.

Address: Vyshneve, st. Kyivska 2B

Phone number: (044) 587 86 74.