Convenient location, developed infrastructure of towns, many historical and cultural monuments - these factors have made Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky area attractive for tourism.

The presence of numerous settlements of unique natural landscapes, water, forests, various forms of relief, combined with the wonderful world of flora and fauna creates the preconditions for the development of not only agriculture but also educational, eventful, religious, ethnic, environmental, and extreme and sport-health tourism.

In the area there are 152 monuments of cultural heritage. Of these 92 sites of archaeological, 56 historical and art, and 4 monuments of architecture and urban planning. The number of newly attractions - 6: The monument of landscape architecture - park estate of I.M.Tereschenka end of ХІХ-beg. of ХХ century., Archeological - check Hatne, two settlements in Bilohorodka, Lychanka, mound that made ​​the order of Kyiv Regional Department of Culture № 73/01-07 of 07.10.2010 "On the registering of newly discovered objects of cultural heritage" and Michaylivska Church in Myhaylivka-Rubezhivka (1903r.) was not included in order, due to incomplete volume of collected materials.

Also the documents submitted to Kyiv City State Administration of registering the memo -Mass Grave of soldiers killed during GPW, which is in v. Novosilky and introducing it to the State Register of Monuments of Ukraine.

According to the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 928 from 03.09.2009 "On the Insert of cultural heritage of national importance in the State Register of Monuments of Ukraine" was held changing security of numbers on the sites:

Settlement chronicle of Belgorod and burial - 100011-H (old oh. № 1228);

Settlement "Velike Hodosivske" - 100012-H (old oh. № 1280);

Settlement v.Hotiv - 100013-H (old oh. № 1229).

Boyarsky Museum and Museum of Mykola Malyutyanskyy are the centers of creative and cultural district. Museum staff conduct a comprehensive study, scientific research and the search of historical relics, archival documents and other cultural values. In the museum are organized presentations of new books, writers and poets of district, solo exhibitions of artists and masters of arts and crafts (Lavrenyuk V.P., Kornilov N.A., Chorny V.P., Shypulina T.O., Vyshniak V.F ., Malinchenko M.O., N.V. Nechai, Tseplyayev V.G., Y.I. Gorbachev, Patsan YU.I, Viderechko I.U.) holds art meetings, scientific conferences, thematic lectures, evenings memory 'memory of prominent cultural figures whose lives have been associated with the area. In museum of Boyarka is placed permanent exhibition of folk artists of district.

Besides operating excursions "Cottage Boyarka of twentieth century", "Slavic Settlement and St. Michael Church," "Life and Work of M.Ostrovskoho”. Construction of the legendary Boyar Narrow Gauge Railways "," Literary Boyarka "," V.I Samoilenko in Boyarka", " Life and work of academic painting of M.Pymonenka. Malyutyanskyy period, By staff of Boyarsky regional museum was designed a tour "Family of Grushevskiy in Boyarka" and collected materials on the family of Kistiakivsky in Boyarka.

For 2010 the museum visit - 4,085 tourists, including 336 foreigners, conducted 154 tours.

By staff was developed a rubric booklet "Creative people whose names are connected with the Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area and presented for publication:

  • "Bogomazov O.K. (1880-1930) - painter, graphic artist ";
  • "Vitaliy Svirid - contemporary pop singer”;
  • "Mohor Yu.P. (1922-1997) - Honored Artist of Ukraine ";
  • "V.I. Samoilenko (1864-1925) - Ukrainian poet".

In cultural institutions, libraries, museums of district to foster in young people respect for the national historical and cultural values ​​and promoting of national history were made ​​such measures:

  • Travel tour "Places of military glory" with cultural workers, veterans of the area, youth, students;
  • tourist route "Line of defense of Kyiv. Places of military glory” for veterans' organizations of v.Novosilky, youth and workers of district House of Culture.
  • To the day of Partisan Glory was organized tourist route "Partisan Glory is heard in ages";
  • Students of tourism mug "Globe" (club v.Kruglik) on the Day of Youth conducted a three-day hike in the military and patriotic events and organized cleaning at TFP dated to GPW;
  • Excursions "Silent witnesses of the war - TFP" were held;
  • In Bilohorodka near TFP №401 regularly occurring historical reconstruction events of the Great Patriotic War;
  • In May, representatives of regional organizations and veterans' Society of the district visited National Museum Battle of Kyiv in 1943 and Lyutizhskyy springboard (v.Nova Petrivka, v.Lyutizh);
  • With the assistance of local government in v.Kremenysche Hotivskoyi village council in TFP №131 is a museum of military-historical direction.
  • Traditional month protection of monuments from 18 of April to 18 of May timed to the Day of historical and cultural monuments and International days and attractions, and museums.
  • In August 2010 the opening ceremony of memorial plaque to V.I.Samiylenku (up to 85-th anniversary of the death) on literary and artistic ceiling near Boyarsky museum.
  • Was carried courses of lore readings "Know, Honor and Keep your native land";
  • In the hall for special events of village Chabany was opened art gallery of the permanent exhibition of works of artist Yu.I.Patsana
  • District representatives of the Society took part in preparing and holding of the second open championship of Kiev region of Technology of Tourism also participated in the second part of the event - the festival of art song "High Coast";


(works of artist Yu.I Patsan)

To the regional event on the program "Building a new country" in the district House of Culture of v.Novosilky opened an exhibition of masters of arts and crafts of the area (embroidery, pottery, wood carving, folk dolls, Ukrainian traditional charm, Easter egg).

  • Partially processed materials about craftsmen and artists of the area to release the album "Artists of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area" and to produce a series of articles "Our glorious countrymen";
  • Continues the collection of materials for the production of publications of the history of settlements area.
  • Department of Culture and Tourism participates in the preparation of materials for publication of volume of Kiev region "Digest of the history and culture of Ukraine" and volume “Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky area” from "Zvytyazh. Kiev region".
  • Traditionally became performance of ethnographic and folklore-ritual celebrations and festivals that make popularized regional studies and study of the history of his native land:
  • "Ukrainian evenings," pass by ancient customs and traditions, with divination, popularization of Ukrainian cuisine, games, songs, exhibition works best embroiderers and theatrical performance of the youth theater group of Amateur District House of Culture;
  • Ukrainian TV festival "Rode nash krasnyi", in which took part family groups and the winners of regional competitions, which in various forms, talked about their ancestry;
  • Theatrical ritual feast "Ivana Kupala" with actors, residents and visitors of the area;
  • Ukrainian Wedding Festival "Rozhanytsya" is held annually in which participating teams not only from all over Ukraine, but also from other countries. The festival always decorated by loaf exhibitions, arts and crafts, Ukrainian costumes from different regions of Ukraine.

Library of the district participate in shaping of the social and cultural environment in which successfully carried informative and spiritual development of man, raises the cultural level of people in the region.


(All-Ukrainian Festival of wedding ceremonies "Rozhanytsya")

In libraries of villages Hodosivka, Lychanka created corners of traditional home culture of the Ukrainian village, which contains ancient things, clothing, embroidered towels, kitchen utensils, agricultural implements. The library of the village Vita Poshtova has a collection of master crafts pottery, potter in the fifth generation Jacob Ivanovich Padalka (1926-1999).

In Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky area held the proper state of maintenance of cultural heritage related to the history and culture of the Ukrainian people, including burial of unknown soldiers, mass graves, memorials and sites that perpetuate the Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. To the Victory day urban and rural communities of settlements of area with members of primary organizations of the Society made ​​maintenance of monuments to soldiers, fellow villagers and memorials of mass graves of soldiers who died during GPW. All the attractions that keep the memory of the Great Patriotic War and the exploits of its members, located in the district are in good condition.