Development of Physical Culture in Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky region

Much attention in the Kiev-Svyatosinsky area devoted to the development of physical culture and sports. There is regional development program of physical culture and sport in Kiev-Svyatoshinsky region for 2008-2011. In 2011, the program is adopted to the development of football in the Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district in 2011, for organization of which from district budget were provided 30 thousand UAH. The changes to the district program of development of physical culture and sports in Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district for 2008-2011,were presented, for the implementation allocated additional funds in the amount of 70 thousand UAH from district budget.

For the development of physical culture and sports in the region were established the following sports facilities. As of 01.07.2011, the area has two stadiums (Petropavlivska Borschagivka, Novosilky), 2 swimming pools, 3 rifle shooting galleries, 27 facilities for sports and recreational activities, 84 playgrounds and 6 sites with training equipment, 34 gyms, 17 soccer fields, that allows to cover with physical culture and sports residents of all ages and social groups.

Considering that that health is formed from birth, much attention is paid to the development of physical education to children of preschool and school age. In pre-school operates 24 gyms, 14 sports rooms, 12 bathrooms, 35 playgrounds, on which operates 24 teachers -organizers of physical education. Classes of physical are visited by 13,533 students, representing 93 percent of the total number of students in schools.

In the six secondary schools introduced a lesson of football. Every year conducted Olympics among the students on the program of state tests and the competition for prizes of cups "Leather Ball", "Starts of Hopes ',' Victory cup".

  • Yurkovska Olena - Champion and repeated medalist of Paralympic Games in biathlon and ski races, Honoured Master of Sports of Ukraine, HERO of UKRAINE.
  • Yaromka Svitlana - silver medalist of judo World Championship, international master of sports of judo.
  • Olesya Savchuk - three-time winner of the world in sambo, a member of team of Sambo ofUkraine, master of sport of judo and sambo.
  • Romashko Natalia - master of sports of international class in weightlifting, international master of sports of powerlifting, master of sport of bodybuilding, a member of the National team of Ukraine on bodybuilding.
  • Hupalo Valentine - twice European champion in Thai boxing.
  • Rachiba Vasyl - European champion in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Considerable attention is given to sport and recreation and sporting mass work in the community. In carrying out of this work , directed efforts of 17 public sports and recreation clubs and other sports organizations.

Yearly Ukrainian judo tournament for prizes of Kiev - Svyatoshinskoy District Coach Under the participation of international teams.

Every year it is conducted Ukrainian judo tournament for prizes of Kiev - Svyatoshinskoy District, among the youth with international teams.

Effectively operates regional federation of football, which is the best in Kiev region. 72 teams in four leagues adult, veteran’ and children' football fight for the right to be the best team in the area. Cup competitions, friendly matches and many other activities that promote leisure youth, strengthen their physical, moral and strong-willed spirit are conducted. 3 teams take part in the Championship of Kyiv region.

Actively develops volleyball movement. Twice a year conducted open championships in volleyball, involving more than 300 athletes. Also there are competitions among boys and girls under 17 and young people.

Considerable attention is paid to the development of mass sports such as football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, chess, sports tourism.

Close cooperation with Boyarsky town club "Ikar" promotes involvement in physical training and sports area residents with disabilities, regardless of age. In different events, athletes participating in competitions at all levels. A rally racing has long been known not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Considerable attention is given to outreach program. Because the media made ​​propaganda work to attract all segments of the population towards physical education and sports in the region. Information on the achievements of athletes of District sports - events permanently highlighted in regional newspapers, radio and television.