List of social services provided to the wards that are registered in Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky territorial center of social services (provision of social services)

1. Conversation.

2. Writing of letters, statements.

3. Paperwork for grant.

4. Registration of financial assistance.

5. Conducting of acts of examination of living conditions.

6. Payments for utility bills.

7. Updating of privileged documents.

Purchase of:

8. Food products from the store.

9. Food products from the bazaar.

10. Industrial goods.

11. Detergents.

12. Medicines.

13. Periodicals (newspapers and magazines).

Delivery of:

14. Food products from store, bazaar.

15. Industrial goods.

16. Medicines.

17. Books, newspapers and magazines.

18. Water into the house.

19. Solid fuel into the house.

20. Financial assistance.

Domestic help:

21. Washing of the floor.

22. Dusting.

23. Removing and hanging of blinds and curtains.

24. Recovering of bed.

25. Washing of windows.

26. Removal of cobwebs.

27. Washing of dishes.

28. Cooking.

29. Hiding.

30. Removal of debris.

31. Rejection of snow from the yard.

32. Repair of the fence.

33. Collection of vegetables and fruits.

34. Canning of fruits and vegetables.

35. Removal of performances from the counters.

Medical Services:

36. Challenge of a doctor.

37. Visiting of wards in health care facilities.

Personal hygiene:

38. Bathing.

39. Shampooing.

40. Cutting of nails.

41. Disguising.

42. Combing of hair.

I. S Shevchuk