Department of Labor and Social Protection of Kyiv-Svyatoshinskoy State Administration informs:

Was started the recovery of 1 and 2 categories of people affected by the Chernobyl disaster and the affected children by the voucher of mother and child, who are registered, to receive sanatorium voucher for recovery in 2012.

List of sanatoriums which won the tender for the rehabilitation of victims of the Chernobyl disaster in 2012:

- "Named by Pirogov", the resort Kuyalnik (organs of the nervous system);

- "Berdyansk" Berdiansk (digestive organs);

- "Crystal", Truskavets (respiratory organs);

- "Berezivsky mineralni wodi" Kharkiv region. (Endocrine system, metabolic disorders);

- "Concha Zaspa" (cardiovascular system);

- "Orizont" Odessa region (nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory);

- "KyyivPlyus" Morshyn (sugar diabetes, digestive organs);

- "Prolisok", Volyn region. (respiratory organs, endocrine system);

- "Named by Horkiy" Odessa (digestive organs);

- "Slavutich", Alushta (respiratory organs);

- "Smerichka" Drohobych district (gastroenterology, urology);

- "Tyriya" Kovel (cardiovascular system);

- Sanatorium of Mother and Child "Paritet" Iron port (respiratory organs);

- Sanatrium of Mother and Child "Shklo", Lviv region. (urine- reproductive system).

Submission of documents and issuance of vouchers for the rehabilitation is carried out at

Department of Labor and Social Protection of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky State Administration

Kyiv, st. Yantarna, 12, (room 4).