Medical industry of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area

Central Regional Hospital of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area today is a medical institution of the first category and the focal point of medical area network that provides medical assistance to the entire population of the district, which has more than 150 thousand people.

The head of the medical industry of district V.V. Kravchenko - Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Master of Public Administration, author and co-author of many scientific publications, was awarded with the orders of Ukraine, has the Medal of the Association of Dental of Ukraine "For merits."

Network of medical institutions of district has 670 hospital beds, which includes: Vyshnivska City Hospital, 6 district hospitals, 19 health clinics of general practice of family medicine and 17 village health centers, 14 units of a hospital, ambulance station, female consultation, maternity house, dairy kitchen, outpatient department for children and adults, dental clinic with offices of prosthesis.

By the work of medical networks of district supervises deputy chief physician of the district, honorary citizen of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area – M.I Motrenko. Patients of Central Regional Hospital get quality medical care by about 40 specialties. In recent years, considerable attention is paid to the reconstruction, strengthening and updating of the material and technical base of hospital. All divisions of Central Regional Hospital are consistently providing medical care on modern level.

The work of the hospital controls by the first deputy chief doctor – A.G. Kostromin. Every year in hospital departments treat over 123,000 patients, performed about 1500 deliveries with by up to 15 surgeries. Since 2009, the hospital has minimally invasive surgery center, headed by Professor of Surgery J.P. Feleshtynskyy.

Many efforts to organize patrimonial and pediatric care of area makes deputy chief physician- Honoured Doctor of Ukraine L.M. Naumenko. Today, maternity on 4 offices, which along with child health clinics and outpatient departments and prenatal certified by UNESCO as a "Hospital which is friendly to the child".

The district advisory clinic of CDH, friendly group of which for many years headed by L.P. Kalhanova, is annually visited by 1 million 200 thousand patients. The clinic has 34 day hospital beds, works room of alternative treatments.

Today CDH of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area is not only hospital of the 1st category, but the basic institution of training and retraining of doctors and nurses. On the base of the hospital held meetings, consultations, demonstrations, operations, etc.

The main pride of institution - people, "doctors from God". In CDH today are about 2 thousand employees, including honored doctors: V.V. Kravchenko, L.N. Naumenko, V.A Melnychuk.

The hospital has own glorious traditions. Much efforts and the best years of their life dedicated to their hobbies veterans of hospital: I.I. Malinowsky, P.A. Ivanov, V.N. Assa, V.I. Burchak, R.R. Dronov, O.T. Zavadetskyy, F.M. Dzyubenko, which was awarded by the Order of Red Banner of Labor, K.P. Zhyvolup, I.F. Guly, V.G. Kononets, A. Bahlyuk, L.Y Brahynska, E.I. Vishnevskaya, M.I. Motrenko, V.A. Andrew, Z.P. Lysynyuk, N.Y. Skripka, A.P. Polishchuk, N. Kravchuk, L.Y. Nezenko, Z. Shulska, L.S. Sakai, L.P. Kalhanova, L.Y. Pogoretsky, E.I. Kubanov, A. Gluschuk, G.A. Gritsenko and many others.