Industry of Kyiv- Sviatoshynsky district

As on 01.10.2011, in the area there are 141 operating industrial enterprises, of which 44 of main circle of reporting, they are divided in the following directions: food industry - 10, light industry - 4, construction - 6, chemical industry - 3; pharmaceutical production - 1, metallurgy - 4, Oil and Gas - 8 other areas - 8.

Volume of products (works, services) realized on selling prices of enterprises (excluding VAT and excise) for January-September 2011 amounted 2 681 million 031 thousand USD., which is 137.8% of the corresponding figure in 2010, 10.8% of the whole of industrial products in Kiev region.

During 9 months of 2011 a positive tendency of growth of volume of industrial production is noticed, compared with the corresponding figure in 2010 from 117.5% at the beginning of the year to 137.8% in January - September 2011.

Kiev- Svyatoshinsky district as of 01.10.2011 has held the 1st place in the Kiev region to other regions and cities of regional subordination in terms of industrial products. Following 9 months of 2011 increased the volume of production in relation to the corresponding figure in 2010 following industrial enterprises of the main range of reporting:

  • LTD "Metal furniture" - 254%;
  • Private Firm "Alexandra" - 204%;
  • JSC "Rembudkomplekt" - 173%.
  • JSC "Vyshnivskyy foundry-forging factory" - 168%;
  • JSC "Ukrtsukorteploizolyatsiya" - 132%;
  • Ltd. "Pidryad"- 130%;
  • JSC "Vyshnivska shoe factory" - 120%;
  • Ltd. DLS "Furniture" - 118%;
  • Ltd. "Erhopak" - 112%;
  • Ltd. "Interkabel" - 110%;
  • Ltd. "Clean Water" - 110%;
  • Ltd. "Boyar sausages" - 101%.

Decreased the volume of production for these industrial enterprises of the main range of reporting:

  • JSC "Wimm Biel Dann Ukraine" - 99%;
  • Ltd. "The first footwear factory" - 90%;
  • LTD UNSP "Schmeiser" - 90%;
  • Ltd. "Tara - Pack" - 81%;
  • PE "Ryabina" - 80%;
  • SE "Zhulyansky Machinery Plant" Vizar "- 70%;
  • Ltd. "Kriohenservis" - 70%;
  • Ltd. "NVAT" Ahroprod "- 57%;
  • Ltd. "Vanguard" - 46%.

The reduction of volume of production is primarily associated with a decrease of orders the corresponding products in January-September 2011.


Koval Anatoly Oleksiyovich

The Director of State Enterprise Zhulyansky Machinery Plant "Vizar "

t. Vyshneve, Kyiv- Svyatoshinsky district.

Koval Anatoly Oleksiyovich was born on February 25, 1950, v. Istochne, Krasnoperekopsky district, the Crimean region. Has higher education – Polytechnical Institute, Kharkiv, 1969-1974 years. Since 1974 works at ZMP "Vizar" as engineer - designer, master, deputy chief engineer, chief engineer, and since 1992 - director. With the participation of Koval A.O the company mastered the complex science absorbing defense products for air defense systems, aircraft assignment, precision guided anti-tank missiles, civilian products - energy saving devices - domestic membrane gas meters.

Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of National Progress since 1992. In 2000 he was awarded the honorary title "Merited Worker of Industry of Ukraine"


Zhabsky Gregory Tymofiyovych

The director of a limited liability company "Special construction and installation management "Pidryad", t. Vyshneve, Kyiv- Svyatoshinsky district.

Gregory Tymofiyovych was born on April 25, 1946 in the village Ivanovka, Bilotserkivskyi district, Kyiv region. After finishing school in 1964, served in the Soviet army. And from 1968 to 1973 - studied in the Kiev Construction-engineering Institute, at the Faculty "Complex mechanization and automation of building production". After graduation in 1973 was sent to work in Kyiv AC plant, trust "Buddetal" during its completion and commissioning. He worked at the plant from 1973 to 1980, passed the way from young professional to the plant director.

From 1997 to the present time – he is the Director of AC plant "Pidryad", Kyivavtodor Corporation. He is the competent manager, capable organizer, professional of higher level. In 2009 got the honorary title "Honored Builder of Ukraine".