Construction of Kyiv- Svyatoshinsky region

According to statistical information for January-June 2011, bilding and repearing organizations carried out work, worth 134 million 059 thousand, that is 144.3% of the corresponding figure in 2010. The volume of work performed at the first half of 2011 by type of construction of 96 million 278 thousand. That were works on construction of buildings and structures, 32 million 133 thousand. Works on installation of engineering equipment of buildings and 5 million 648 thousand - preparation of building sites.

During the first half of 2011, compared with the corresponding figure in 2010, the number of commissioned square meters of apartment housing increased almost in 2.6 times . Were put into service 124,998 square meters of housing, including: - 34 075.37 square meters of apartment buildings, namely:

  • T. Boyarka st. Kolkhozna 23/3, 126 apartment house (9 692.9 sq. m.);
  • V. Buzova st. Lenin, 17-g, residential buildings (7,144.6 sq. m.);
  • V. Chabani st. Junosti 3, 1st stage of the apartment house;
  • V. Petrivske, st. Krasnogo Paharya 2-v, V stage of the apartment house (5,330.6 sq. m.);
  • V. Petrivske, st. Krasnogo Paharya 2-v, VIII stage of the apartment house(655.1 sq. m.);
  • V. Chabani st. Mashinobydivnikiv, 4-b, 290 apartment house (20.538 thousand square meters);
  • V. Chaiki st. Kozybinskogo 8, 419 apartment house (31.634 sq. m.)

In January-June 2011 in the area were introduced 90 thousand 924 square meters of individual homes, representing 80.8% of the corresponding figure in 2010.

It is continued the construction of apartment buildings that will be commissioned in the second half of 2011, (total area of buildings is 24 892.9 sq. m.), Namely:

  • Boyarka st. Khreshchatyk, the 88-a, a house (5,348.86 sq. m.);
  • Chabani st. Junosti 3, the second stage of residential building (11200kv.m);
  • Vyshneve st. Svyatoshinska, 27, 1st stage of residential complex "Akvareli" (about 4000 sq. m.).
  • Buzova st. Lenin 17-e-17-d, residential buildings (7,144.6 sq. m.)
  • Sof. Borschagivka st. Lesi Ukrainki 19, 1st and 2nd stage (6000 sq. m.)
  • Boyarka st. Bilogorodskyy 51, a residential complex (19.210 sq. m.).

The decoration of the building industry area became an unique project- integrated residential buildings, in the suburbs of Kyiv, located in the recreational area of sanatorium zone of v. Chaika, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district. The territory of "Chaika" is surrounded by forests and contains an unique combination of infrastructure. Total area of residential complex "Chaika" - 13 ha, at which constructed and commissioned 18 apartment buildings on 1650 apartments, a total area is ​​168 thousand square meters. All necessary infrastructure facilities are already commissioned.

Residential complex "Chaika-I" - is:

  • modern center of quality life, is conveniently located in close proximity to Kyiv in ecologically clean area with painted road and transport links;
  • high quality and aesthetics of consolidated objects for moderate and reasonable prices;
  • more than 80 apartments of common planning;
  • well organized and decorated, quiet, clean, closed area, which is under constant guard;
  • infrastructure that fully meets the needs of residents: custom housing office, kindergarten, school, medical center, dental surgery, children's and sports grounds, tennis court, mini football field, parking, shop, pharmacy, optics, bank, restaurant, beauty salon , car washing, shoe repair, etc..

The founder of the residential complex "Chaika" is the director of real estate development company "Omoks" Kulagin Aleksey Volodimirovich - a man with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His professional motto - "Do not give up to circumstances".

Headed by O.V Kulagin LLC "Omoks" during 2007-2011 years successfully implements large-scale project a residential complex "Chaika - I", has given in exploitation 200 thousand sq. m. of property, and has constructed engineering services ,now it can provide the city with a population of 100,000 people.

Currently, LLC "Omoks" commenced construction "Chaika - II", where during the period from April 2011 to January 2013 is planned to commission 120,000 sq. m. of housing and objects of social infrastructure.

Besides, it is continued work on several other projects. The professionalism and care with which the staff builds and maintains the complex was marked by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine from 04.08.2008, № 354. He considered that residential complex "Chaika" was the best of the projects of estate, that were commissioned in 2007. And LLC "Omoks" was awarded the distinction "Best Building of 2007 in Ukraine."