Science and Education in Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky district

In Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area are the following Scientific research centers: Institute of Agriculture of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Chabany) Institute of gardening of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Novosilky) Ukrainian Centre for training, retraining and skills development of forest management (Boyarka) Boyar forest research Station, National Science Center "Institute of Agriculture of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences" (Chabany); enterprise association "Institute of energy efficient systems" (Sofiivska Borschagivka) DC "Research farm" Chabany "National Science Center" Institute of Agriculture of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences "(Chabany) “Scientific research institute of construction" (Hotiv) Ltd. "Research Institute Man and medicine" (Boyarka) Ltd. "Kyiv regional Institute of land reform" (Petropavlivska Borschagivka) State Enterprise "Research Institute of Petroleum industry" national joint campaign "Naftogaz of Ukraine "(Vyshneve) and others.

Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district has 90 educational institutions, including: 38 preschool educational establishments, 2 of them in the educational association "school-kindergarten";

41 secondary schools (14 urban and 27 rural), including: 37 schools of communal local community of the district (14,875 student).

4 private schools: School-II levels for girls "Lady" (100 students), school I-II levels for boys 'Kadetstvo' (28 students), ZNZ I-III "Voldorfska school" Michail "(49 student), secondary school I-II levels "Vinogradnyk" (74 students).

Evening School (Boyar evening school II-III levels and evening office at 9 secondary schools, I-III levels) 500 students;

5 extracurricular facilities in which educate 6,083 students;

Two inter-school training and production centers and inter-school training and production workshop where pre-professional and professional training of the 8 specialties (different categories of drivers, hairdressers, computer typing, cooks, sales of food and consumer goods) 1170 students.

Orphanage of mixed type "Rodina" (34 children), children's home "Koliska dityachih nadiy" (22 children).

The network of preschool institutions of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky district belongs 38 preschool educational establishments, including 1 of private own, which raise 6 thousand 224 preschool children.

In the education system of the district work many famous and distinguished people. Here are a few of them:


Iskorostenskyy Mykola Petrovych - director of Boyarsky interschool training and production center of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district. He was born on January 18, 1951 in the village Berezivka, Korostensky district, Zhytomyr region. In 1966 he graduated from Berezivska eight-year school. And in 1976 - Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute of O.M. Gorkogo, specialized in labor studies and physics. Iskorostenskyy M.P. worked in Boyar interschool training and production center in August 1979. In 1988 he was awarded the medal "Excellence in Public Education of USSR." In 1999, he was given the honorary title "Honoured Teacher of Ukraine”.


Krupodorov Igor Volodymyrovych - director of Kyiv Svyatoshinskoy district youth sports school.

He was born on December 27, 1947 in Brody, Lviv region.

Since 1992, headed District Children and Youth Sports School of Education of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district administration of Kyiv region.

Hard work of I.V.Krupodorova was awarded by diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. He was awarded with the medal "Excellence in Education of Ukraine" in 2007 was awarded with the honorary title "Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine."



Janusz Albina Petrivna - teacher of world literature and Russian language in Boyar school I-III levels №2.

Was born on February 27, 1934 in Gorky, Russia.

She graduated from high school of railway station V'yaznyky, Vladimir region, Russia. From 1951 to 1956 studied at the Ural State University, Philological Faculty.

From 1960 to present- teacher of Russian language and literature, and later a teacher of world literature of Boyar school I-III levels № 2. Has a higher level of proficiency, pedagogical title of "teacher-methodologist." She was awarded with the medal "Excellence in Education of the USSR", repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the USSR. In 1987 was awarded with the title of Distinguished Teacher of the USSR.

Winner of the Prize of Nikolai Ostrovsky in 2008, was awarded with a name of an honorary citizen of Boyarka in 2008. In 2010, an Honorary Citizen of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district.


Somova Valentina Pylypivna - teacher of English in Vyshnivskoyi school I-III levels № 3.

She was born on October 29, 1937 in Vershina Darasuna, Shylkinsky district of Chita region.

In 1955 she graduated from high female school № 6 in Chita and entered Irkutsk Institute of foreign languages, which she graduated in 1960.

From 1985 to 2000 - Deputy Director and English teacher of Vyshnivska school № 3 of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district.

Distinguished Teacher of the RSFSR (1983r.). She was awarded with the medal "Excellence in Public Education of USSR", medal "Veteran of Labor", medal "Vasil Sukhomlynsky" (2007).

Department of Education

st.Yantarna 12-A, Kyiv, 03170


Ivashko Nikolai Nikolaevich

Tel. 450-04-91, 5-54-27

Main Specialists

Orda Anatoly Leonidovych

Tel. 450-65-62

Drachuk Anatoly Petrovich

tel. 450-65-62

Information-Methodological Center of Education department

Boyarka, Str.B.Khmelnitskogo


Shvidka Larisa Semenivna


Schedule: Wednesday from 9-00 to 14-00

Schedule of department of education:

Monday –Friday: from 8-30 to 17-00

Break: 13-00 to 13-30

Saturday, Sunday - days off.

The main functions of the department of education (according to its tasks and delegated authorities):

Organization of the network, and management of secondary schools, pre-school educational institutions of the area:

Implementation of management of secondary and pre-school educational institutions of all types and forms of ownership, located in the district;

Determines the need for educational institutions of all types, to improve their network according to socio-economic, cultural and educational needs of the area, in the presence of necessary logistical, scientific and methodological basis, pedagogical staff, etc.;

Provides operational control over the preservation of the existing network of secondary schools, preschool and after-school educational institutions, contributes their teaching, financial and logistical support;

Performs, within its competence, state inspection of schools regardless of type and form of property, belonging to the management of local authorities and local governments, provide transparency of its results;-Holds state certification, educational institutions of the area (at least once every 10 years) to implement educational activities and educational services under the state standards of education;

Prepares drafts of decisions on the assignment of secondary schools, except lyceums, high schools, colleges, specialized schools (boarding schools) and private schools, territory services, under which keeps records of children and adolescents of school age and preschool children;

Studies the needs and makes proposals on the creation of schools for children, who need social assistance and rehabilitation, and organizes their training (including personal) and education in general and special education institutions;

Studies the needs and make proposals on the establishment of evening (shift) schools, classes, groups of full-time and part-time study in secondary schools, creates conditions for the preparation of the final certification of external;

Makes proposals to the regional state authorities for special classes, high schools, colleges, educational systems, educational associations, specialized schools (boarding schools), inter-school training and production centers, centers for children and teenagers, before-army preparation, etc., contributes to their financial support;

Approves construction projects in general, and pre-school educational institutions, contributes to their rational deployment.

Organization of the legal provision of secondary, preschool and school education in the district:

Controls compliance of educational institutions of all types and forms of property with law in education, government requirements for the content, level and scope of educational services in accordance with the level and profile of education;

Promotes the organization and implementation of the variable component of the content of secondary education;

Controls compliance of the constitutional requirements for obtaining the mandatory for children and teen of the area complete secondary education;

Provides, in the execution, of the Constitution of Ukraine in the functioning of the Ukrainian language, as the state, in schools and educational institutions;

Helps to meet the educational requirements of the national minorities; allows to learn the native language or to study their native language in state and municipal educational institutions;

Approves charters for schools (except for higher and vocational) of communal and other forms of property, preparing them for registration in the local governments.

Organizes teaching-methodical comprehensive, pre-and after-school educational institutions:

Promotes educational and methodological support of educational institutions;

Implement curricula and programs, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, approves working curricula of secondary schools, and approve annual work plans for preschool education, approves curricula of private schools, provides secondary education, makes proposals on the use of experimental curricula and programs;

Organizes teaching of talented children, holds in due course ,competitions, olympics and other competitions among students;

Generates orders for the publication of textbooks, teaching aids and other educational literature, educational programs, forms documents on education, providing them with educational institutions;

Gives information and methodological papers.

Organization of financial security in general, and pre-school education:

Contributes financially software of the existing network of educational institutions;

Make proposals on the volume of budget for financing of educational institutions and educational institutions that are in municipal ownership, examines their use;

Controls creation and analyzes using in general education of fund of general compulsory education, which is formed from the budget, and fund-raising of enterprises, institutions, organizations and other sources to meet the material and household needs of students.

Organization of logistical support in general, and pre-school education:

Contributes material-technical provision of educational institutions; puts into operation their new facilities, acquisition of furniture, proper equipment, teaching aids, textbooks, etc.;

Organizes: preparing of schools for the school year, for the autumn-winter period, the current and overhaul of facilities;

Provides enforcement of safety rules, fire safety and sanitary regime in schools and implement providing of practical assistance in the conduction of the work.

Organizes activity of participants in the educational process in schools of the district, provides their Social Security:

Provides assistance to agencies of guardianship and care, in the placement of orphans and children, deprived of parental care in residential care and family for the care (guardianship), to the adoption, take steps to protect personal and property rights of this category of children;

Helps to prevent homelessness and juvenile crime in schools, provides socio-pedagogical patronage;

Coordinates the work of educational institutions, families and community, associated with education and upbringing of children, their leisure;

Promotes activities for children and youth organizations, creative unions, associations;

Ensures the establishment and operation of psychological services in schools;

Coordinates the work, related to the implementation in schools of vocational guidance of students;

Provides assistance and monitors the organization of regular free transportation to the schools and on the way back, for students who live in rural areas;

Organizes child nutrition in schools through local budget and raised funds;

Make proposals, concerning the organization of free medical care for children and students in schools, implementation of health measures;

Predicts need of the area in educational workers and specialists and, where necessary, concludes agreements with universities in their training;

Promotes the provision of teaching staff with government guarantees provided by law, take measures to social protection of participants of the educational process;

Organizes work on the professional development of teachers;

Organizes the certification of teachers and senior staff of educational institutions in accordance with the Model Regulations on certification of teachers of Ukraine, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

Considers and makes appropriate proposals for the promotion and rewarding of Educators.

Other activities of the Department of Education:

Interaction with public authorities;

Provides review appeals of citizens within its jurisdiction, taking into account the positive suggestions and take measures to eliminate defects.