Transport communications


Transport industry is an important element in the structure of economic complex of the district. Its activity is aimed at satisfying of needs of people and enterprises of the district with quality and safe service of vehicles.

The largest share of passenger traffic falls on the South Western Railway, which runs through the territory of the district through the following population items: Boyarka, Vyshneve, Kryukivschyna, Tarasivka, Malyutyanka. 

(PPI "Trading-Co", Boyarka city)

As of April 1, 2012 in the area were registered 124 transport enterprises of different forms of ownership, including: freight transport companies- 79, enterprises of regular motor transport -20, irregular passenger transport -14 enterprises, enterprises of taxi - 11, also a weighty share of passenger traffic falls on the South-Western railway.


It is planned construction of a new ring road around Kyiv that will pass through the Myrotsky village council (Myrotske) west through the territory of the Buzivsky village council near Hmilna, between the villages Hurivschyna and Liubymivka, Buzivskoyi village council, Lychanskoyi village council, west to Lychanka, Nehrashi, Knyazhychi of Knyazhytskyy village council, and Zabirya and Malyutyanka. Area will be in a more attractive investment area, will have additional prospects most remote from Kyiv village councils, which have lower rates of economic development and local revenues. Construction of the road will help to relieve flows to Kyiv, create conditions for investment and job creation in connection with development of transport logistics, road service facilities.

Maintenance of proper state of roads area assigned to the "Regional Road Repair - Building Department" which maintains the net, length of 283.9 kilometers of roads with hard coverage. For the first quarter of 2012 till now is completed repair and construction of works, in total sum 3 751.577 thousand grn.

State Administration together with the district traffic police has been designed to improve road safety in Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district for 2008-2012 was approved by Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky District Council from 24.12.2008 № 248-23-V.