Institutions of sanatorium-resort and recreational sphere of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky district

  1. Boyarsky rest home of Ukrainian Society of blind (treatment and rehabilitation of people with visual handicaps).
    Address: Kyiv-Svyatoshinskiy district., Boyarka, st. Lisova, 1 (EDRPOU code - 03968015).
  2. Children's health camp "Horbovytska Sich."
    Address: Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, Horbovychi st. Ostrovskogo, 10 (EDRPOU code - 02143703).
    Balance-keeper - Department of Education of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district administration.
  3. State institution “Children's Specialized sanatorium "Barvinok" MH of Ukraine"(spa facilities for the treatment of children aged from 7 to 17 years, tuberculosis).
    Address: Kyiv-Svyatoshinskiy district, Boyarka, st. Khreschatik 160 (EDRPOU code - 01981945).
    Founder - The Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  4. Sanatorium "Medical and Rehabilitation Center named by V.T. Hutsa" (created for examination, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, spine and joints, gastro-intestinal tract, respiratory).
    Address: Kyiv-Svyatoshinskiy district, Kapitanivka, Radyanska, 4 (EDRPOU code - 19408382).
    Founder - The State Road Administration of Ukraine "Ukravtodor".
  5. Recreation Area of affiliate "Antonov-Agro" State Enterprise "Antonov"
    Address: Kyiv-Svyatoshinskiy district, Kruglik, st. Vityanska, 2 (EDRPOU code - 01546793).
  6. Recreation Area "Korchagin park" Kyiv-Svyatoshinskiy district, s.Zabirya, Limited Liability Company "Neptune"
    Address: s.Zabirya, st. Honcharenka, 12 (EDRPOU code - 32067841).

Reserves of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area

  1. Forest Conservation Area "Zhukiv Khutir" (Mihaylivsko-Rubezhivska village council) - 622.5 ha.;
  2. Ornithological reserve of national importance "Zhornivskyy" (Knyazhytskyy village council) - 90.0 ha;
  3. The landscape reserve of local importance "Urochische Kyrykove" (Lisnykivska village council) - 13.0 ha;
  4. Botanical reserve of local importance "Gora Kozynska" (Lisnykivska village council) - 2.35 ha;
  5. Botanical reserve of local importance "Urochische Bezodnya" (Lisnykivska village council) - 3.35 ha;
  6. Botanical nature monument "Ash" (Lisnykivska village council) -), 01 ha;
  7. Reserve tract "Korchuvatnyk" (Shpytkivska village council) - 41.0 ha;
  8. Geological nature monument "Belgorod hump" (Bilogorodskyy village council).