Documents of labor archive as a source of satisfaction of socio-legal needs of citizens.

Whether we like it or not, but there comes a time when we want to go for well-deserved rest and take care of the design of pension. Troubles are added when the pension fund needs certificate to refine your experience and salary, or if the labor book is lost or corrupted. And where to look for help? Of course, contact the regional labor archives. Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky regional labor archive was created in 2007, but the activity he could start only in July 2010. During this time, the archive received four funds from personnel structure.

Since September 2010 by the staff of archive ordered and received documents for deposit from OJSC "DEFFA" in the amount of 687 (six hundred eighty-seven) cases of personnel structure, for 1973-2007 years, Fund № 96-T, is the only fund which was adopted in 2010 year.

In 2010, by fund № 96-T were issued 40 (forty) certificates, free. Rates for works and services have been approved by the session of the Kyiv-Svyatoshinskoy Regional Council of VI convocation from 24.12.2010, № 30-03-VI.

In 2011, we received the following funds:

Ltd. "Eleks", LLC "Kyiv Farfor"; SPD "BAHDA", JSC " Zem Bank", LLC "Promin Rene", LLC "Auto-metropolis XXI" PE "Portal-Pro", LLC "Tradeks Centr", PP "Arnau TC", LLC "Prom-CT", SE "Dnipro-beta", PE "Silin-Group", JSC "ADS-Service", PE "Lial", company "ARS", PE "Pid seziryam Adalariv ", PE" Surpris Jeka ", PE" Autoprom ", Wat" Oblahrotehservis ", LLC" Silpo Real Estate ", LLC" Real Estate Expansiya ", PE" CNF Stiul ", LLC" LUX ", WTO JMA" Dopomoga - I ", LLC "Voke-07."

In 2012 we received the following funds:

SE "Winner Imports Avto", PE "EnerhotranservisBank", LLC "Evrospetspark."

Labor Archives (in accordance with Art. 43 of the Law of Ukraine "On local self-government in Ukraine") is an integral part of socio-economic and cultural development to protect the social and legal interests of citizens. And according to the law, documents from personnel and financial activities must necessarily be transmitted to the labor archives.

It would be good for managers of enterprises, that are liquidated, to take care of future of employees and organize the transfer of documents to the Labor Archives. References that are issued on a monthly salary for five years - for calculating of pensions - to confirm employment, the monthly earnings - calculation for grants and the appointment of unemployment benefits, the experience during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 - to establish the status of the fighting and so on. Unfortunately, when it is impossible to help people, and can only sadly raise hands. Despite the problems associated with the operations, it should be noted that labor archive has made ​​important work to defend the legitimate interests of citizens, preservation of documents that reflect the employment relationship.