Development of Culture and Tourism in Kyiv- Svyatoshinsky region

Cultural institutions of the district ensure implementation of national policy on culture, arts, cultural heritage protection, museum and library biz.

Network of culture in Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky area consists of 84 institutions of culture: Palace of culture, creativity and art, 10 houses of culture, 22 clubs, 45 libraries, 5 children's art schools, Boyarsky Natural History Museum and Malyutyansky Museum of M. Pymonenka.

District House of Culture is the methodical center of the club activity of district, which provides implementation of state policy in sphere of culture, is working to promote and preserve the national cultural heritage, spiritual revival, legal, patriotic, aesthetic education among the inhabitants of the district towns, support and development of amateur groups; organizes and conducts cultural events, competitions, festivals of various genres: choral, theater, choreography, pop singing, literary readings, exhibitions of artists and masters of arts and crafts.

District House of Culture provide methodological assistance for employees of cultural institutions, the leaders of amateur groups - choice of repertoire for ensembles, writing scripts for events, festivals and rituals, promoting the best works of Ukrainian composers and world classics.

District operates 33 clubs in which are formed vocal chorus, dance, theater, travel, sport, orchestral and instrumental ensembles, amateur associations, clubs, interest clubs.

Among the amateur collectives of the area - 16 with the title of "National", namely:

  • National Amateur choir "Hope" - House of Culture village Tarasivka;
  • National Amateur folk group "Gorlitsa" - House of Culture village Tarasovka;
  • National Folk and ethnographic group "Singing voices" – House of Culture village Bobritsa;
  • National Amateur choir "Knyazha Volnitsya" – House of Culture village Bilogorodka;
  • National Amateur choir "Native songs" - House of Culture village Mykhailivka Rubezhivka;
  • National Amateur folk - ethnographic collective 'Berehynia' s club,v. Chaika;
  • National Amateur ensemble "Dyvotsvit" - District House of Culture Village Novosilky;
  • National Amateur choir "Forest Song" - the club v. Lisnyky;
  • National Amateur choir "Cherry Bell", t. Vyshneve;
  • National Amateur choir "Hope" - House of Culture village Shpitki;
  • National Folk-ethnographic ensemble "Rainbow", club v. Lychanka;
  • National Amateur team "Dmytrivchanka" - House of Culture v. Dmytrivka;
  • National Amateur choir "Kalyna flower" - House of Culture village v. Gorenichi;
  • National Folk-etnyhrafichnyy team "Red Cranberry" club v.Luka;
  • National Folk group "Golden Wisp" - club v. Luka;
  • National Amateur team "Red Cranberry" -club v. Kryukivschyna.

District Teams participating in regional, national and international competitions, festivals, where they get medals.


In Kyiv- Svyatoshinsky region are Boyarsky Museum and its office – Museum of M.Pymonenka, v. Malyutyanka.

Boyarsky Museum and Malyutyansky Museum of Mykola Pymonenka are the centers of create and culture of district. Museum staff conducted a comprehensive study, scientific research and the search for historical relics, archival documents and other cultural values. In the museum are organized presentations of new books, writers, exhibitions of artists and masters of decorative - applied art, guided tours and art meetings, scientific conferences, thematic lectures, evenings memory of prominent cultural figures whose lives have been associated with the area. Recently, collection of Boyarsky museum enlarged by works of honored artist of Ukraine, laureate of Prize of V. Kasiyan- Mohora Yuriy Pavlovich. It is about 300 paintings and watercolors.

Activity of libraries of Kiev-Svyatoshynsky area is aimed at strengthening of their position in society, searching for new potential users of information and the fullest possible satisfaction of their requests, the development of the traditional areas of library activity, enriching it with new non-standard forms of interaction with users, enhanced relations with agencies and organizations .

The main mission of libraries - the formation of social and cultural environment in which successfully works informative and spiritual development of man, raise the cultural level of the inhabitants of the region.

All libraries of the district merged into a centralized library system that includes 45 libraries, 38 of them in rural areas. Every year their services used by over 37,000 readers. Every fourth inhabitant of the district is a reader of the library. More than half of readers of libraries - children.

Children's Art School of District has been and remains today the main centers of cultural and aesthetic education. Teachers of music schools every year making efforts in the education of comprehensively educated, progressive-thinking individual, raising the prestige of aesthetic and art education.

District has five children's art schools:

Boyarska Children's Art School (Boyarka st. Vokzalna 33), Vyshnivska Children's Art School (t. Vyshneve st. Zelena, 8-a), Petrivska Children's Art School (v. Petrivske, st.Teplychna, 8A ) Shpytkivska children's Art School (v. Shpitki, st.Gospodarska, 3), Chabanivska children's Art School (Chabani, st. Mashinobudivnikiv, 4).

Children School of Arts were recognized municipal school educational institutions founded by the Kiev-Svyatoshinska district council, but directly responsible, accountable and controlled by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Regional State Administration.

Schools providing art education programs: playing musical instruments, academic, pop and folk singing, painting, arts and crafts, theater and choreography.

Pupils of children's art schools district are winners of local, regional, national and international competitions and festivals.

In the field there are many people who have the honorary title "Honored Worker of Culture":

  • Gulyevata Nina Vasylivna - director of the centralized library system;
  • Chupryna Yuriy Yakovych - Head of Amateur Choir "Hope" House of Culture Village. Shpitki;
  • Degtyarenko Zinaida Stepanivna - Head of Library and head of folk-ethnographic ensemble "Rainbow" v. Lychanka;
  • Pavlenko Ivan Yakymovych - Head of Youth Folk Ensemble "Golden Wisp" club v. Luka;
  • Andriychuk Peter Oleksandrovych - Head of Amateur choir "Knyazha Volnutsya’' House of Culture v. Bilogorodka.
  • Podolyanets Alisa Oleksandrivna - Head of the National Amateur team "Red Cranberry ‘' v.Kryukivschyna.


In KyivSvyatoshinsky area there 152 sites of cultural heritage that is covered by the National Register of Monuments of Ukraine, they are in the public records. Of these 92 sites of archaeological, historical -56, 4 -monuments of architecture and urban planning.

In Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky insists the proper state of maintenance of cultural heritage related to the history and culture of Ukrainian people.

With the assistance of local government and community of village in v. Kremenysche, Hotivskoyi village council in ECLTP № 131 (emplacement concrete long-term point from times of Great Patriotic War) is a museum of military-historical direction.

In 2011, at v. Vita Poshtova was opened museums - №180 and №205 of the next slice of a museum complex "Defense of Kyiv-Kyiv dill of defense - Belt of Glory. " In 2010 a museum was opened in command observation post № 204, v. Yurivka.

To promote cycling and outdoor activities initiated bicycle race "Vyshneve-Boyarka-Zabir'ya" with visits to historic sites associated with the life of Mykola Ostrovsky.

In v. Zhornivka (tract Dzvinkove) annually held district and regional tourism ups and competition vehicles of hiking and regional tourism festival of art song "High Coast".

In Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district carried out regional youth local historical expedition "History of Kyiv defense" and meeting of members of the expedition with veterans of Great Patriotic War.

In village Tarasivka opened historical and artistic center "Old School" with the museum of history of the village from ancient times to the present. In the museum presents archaeological finds, clothing, utensils, tools, sample arts and crafts, embroidery, documents, photos. At the heart of the exhibition - the fates of specific individuals on the backdrop of the historical era in which they lived.

Established new memorial plaques dedicated to outstanding personalities, destinies of which are connected with the Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area:

To honoured Teacher of the USSR, director of eight-age school Oliynychenko Nadii Kindrativni (1911-1991), on the premises of the historical and artistic center "Old School" in v.Tarasivka;

  • To Ukrainian avant-garde artist Bogomazov Olexandr Konstantinovich (1880-1930), on the literary-artistic ceiling of memory, which is located in Boyarsky Museum;
  • To an outstanding historian, academician Vitaly Sergiyovich Chishko (1951 -2003) t. Boyarka.
  • To famous Ukrainian writer, literary critic and public figure P'yanovu Volodymyr Yakovych (1921 - 2006) t. Boyarka

Under the National Programme "Know your own land," to highlight the historical and cultural heritage of Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area, promoting them among the potential tourists and increase of tourism attraction in April 2011 by filming crew of Kyiv State Regional TV and Radio Company was held shootings of a television movie about the tourist attractions in Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky area.

Reserves of Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky area:

Forest Conservation Area "Zhukiv Khutir" (Mihaylivsko-Rubezhivska village council) - 622.5 ha.; Ornithological reserve of national significance "Zhornivskyy" (Knyazhytskyy village council) - 90.0 ha landscape reserve of local importance "Tract Kyrykove" (Lisnykivska village Council) - 13.0 ha, botanical reserve of local importance "Gora Kozynska" (Lisnykivska village council) - 2.35 ha, botanical reserve of local importance "Tract Bezodnya" (Lisnykivska village council) - 3.35 ha Botanical monuments, monument of nature "Ash" (Lisnykivska village council) -), 01 ha, reserved tracts "Korchuvatnyk" (Shpytkivska village council) - 41.0 hectares, geological monument of nature "Belgorod hump" (Bilogorodskyy village council).