Internal labor regulations of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky District State Administration

I.General provisions

1. Internal labor regulations for employees of Kiev-Svyatoshinsky Regional State Administration (further - Rules) developed and implemented to improve work organization, to strength labor and executive discipline, to ensure efficient use of time, to high efficiency and quality of personnel, conditions of stimulation, responsibility for violations of labor discipline. Rules determine the basic duties and rights of employees, mode of work, the principles of regulation of labor relations.

2. The rules are developed in accordance with Article 43 of the Constitution of Ukraine, Law "On Civil Service", "On local state administrations", the Labour Code of Ukraine and other legislations.

3. The rules are mandatory for all employees of the district administration.

II. Order of acceptance and dismissal of civil servants and other categories of employees of the district administration, that are not subject to the Law of Ukraine "On Civil Service"

1. The procedure of recruitment to civil service and other categories of employees of the district administration is regulated in accordance with Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine "On Civil Service".

2. Acceptance to public service positions of third - seventh category, are regulated by the Article 25, should be made on a competitive basis, except as otherwise determined by the laws of Ukraine.

3. 3. Competition for vacant seats of civil servants carried out according to the procedure approved by the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from February 15, 2002 № 169 "On approval of the competition for filling vacancies on civil service positions."

4. Appointment and dismissal of civil servants of district administration by the head of district administration is carried in accordance with the applicable law.

5. Chairman of the district administration is free to recruit and to employ employees of patronage service.

6. Hiring of employees who are not subject to the Law of Ukraine "On Civil Service" is carried on a general basis of the Labour Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts. Competitive base in this case does not apply.

7. On admission to employment are submitted:

  • labor book, executed in the prescribed manner;
  • passport;
  • identification code;
  • diploma (certificate) of graduation;
  • For civil servants to should be filled personal card of civil servant P2-DS, and for employees - a card of accounting of staff of set form.

Hiring without these documents is not allowed.

Hiring is formalized by the Head of State Administration, about this is announced to the employee on receipt. In the resolution is indicated the name of the position according to staff and pay conditions.

It is prohibited to demand from the employee documents and information, presentation of which is not required by law.

8. When hiring on a civil service test can be made for up to 6 months.

9. The conclusion of employment contract formalized by the Head of Regional State Administration, to which the employee acquaints on receipt.

10. During the making of employment contract, can be used a test to check the conformity of employee to the work, which he entrusted to do.

The tests established by law for a term:

  • for civil servants - to six months;
  • for other categories of professionals and employees - to three

and for workers – not more than one month.

If after expiration of trial employee continues to work, he is deemed like a person who stand trial and contract with him may be terminated only on a general basis.

11. Citizens of Ukraine who are for the first time enrolled in public service take oath of civil servant. State employee signs the oath that is stored in a personal matter. On taking the oath is made a note in the labor book and sign a disclaimer about special restrictions established by laws of Ukraine "On civil service" and "On the Prevention and Combating of Corruption" of the civil service, than they are acquainted with the general rules of conduct for civil employee.

12. When hiring the worker or transferring him in due course to another job department organizational and human resources staff of the district administration must:

  • To inform the employee of his job description (on receipt) and the conditions and pay of his labor;
  • To identify employee workplace, provide the necessary facilities for work;
  • To bring to the worker the rules of safety regulations, occupation of health, fire safety and other regulations on labor protection, etc..

13. For every employee, who worked more than five days, issued a labor book in the manner prescribed by law.

14. Transfer of employees to other work is done accordantly with the legislation.

15. Termination of employment contract can take place only on the grounds and in accordance with the law.

Civil servants and other categories of employees of the district administration have the right to terminate the employment contract, concluded for an indefinite period, informing about it a head of district administration, and in case of his absence - the first deputy of the district administration in writing form, within two weeks. In case of employee's application for termination of employment contract, that is caused by inability to continue the work because of the reasons specified in paragraph one of Article 38 of the Labor Code of Ukraine, Head of Regional State Administration must terminate the contract within the period requested by the employee.

Termination of employment contract on the initiative of head of the district administration is not allowed without prior consent of the trade union committee staff of the district administration, except in cases envisaged by legislation of Ukraine.

Besides the general grounds provided by the Labor Code of Ukraine, civil service is terminated on the grounds and in the manner determined by the laws of Ukraine "On Civil Service" and other laws of Ukraine, as well as in the case of:

  • Of refusal of civil servant to accept an oath, or in case of its violation, under Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine "On Civil Service";
  • Of violation of the condition of the right on civil service (Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On civil service");
  • Of not presentation of information, or presentation of wrong information about their incomes in mentioned term;
  • Of failure of requirements related to civil service, provided in Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On Civil Service";
  • Of achievement by a civil servant of retirement age;

The decision about termination of civil service may be appealed civil service may be appealed to a civil servant in the manner prescribed by law.

Change of leadership of the district administration is not a ground for termination of service of civil servants of system of district administration, except employees of patronage service.

Employee, that release, has time to transfer cases and material assets, that are considered by him, and for calculation with of all agencies and departments. Documentary materials and tangible assets transferred by the act, which made ​​a mark in a roundabout letter of the employee.

Termination of employment contract formalized by the Head of Administration.

16. On the day of dismissal the employee should be given his labor book with the note about termination and complete calculation, records of the reasons for dismissal in the workbook have to be introduced in full compliance with regulations and legislation, with reference to the article (paragraph) of the Act. Day of release is the last day of work.

17. To carry a workload, for vacancies of administration, with a person can be concluded an employment contract for up to 1 year. An employee, who works under a labor agreement, before 5 days before the end of employment contract must provide a report on the performance of assigned work.

On persons, employed under labor agreements, these rules apply in full.

III. Responsibilities and rights of civil servants staff and other categories of employees of district administration.

18. The main responsibilities of civil servants and other categories of employees of the district administration are:

  • observance of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, other legislative acts;
  • observance of the rights and freedoms of person and citizen;
  • preservation of state secrets, information about people that came to their attention in connection with official duties, and other information that by law shouldn’t to be disclosed;
  • continuous improvement of their work, professional qualification;
  • conscientious attitude to their duties, initiative and creativity at work;
  • respectful attitude to citizens and their appeals to the district administration, concern about the high level of communication and behavior, the authority of the civil service;
  • prevent acts or omissions that may harm the interests of civil service and state;
  • compliance of the requirements on labor protection, safety precautions, sanitation, hygiene and fire safety provided by the relevant rules and regulations;
  • measures for the immediate elimination of the causes and conditions that create obstacles or impede normal carrying of duties, and immediate notification to the leadership of District State Administration.
  • keeping workplace and equipment clean and in serviceable condition and to ensure the established order of storage of property and documents;
  • preservation of the property, efficient use of equipment, economical consumption of materials, energy and other material resources (values​​).

Duties performed by each employee in their profession or position, defined by job descriptions, employment and collective agreement

19. Civil servants and other categories of employees of state administration have the rite to:

  • on respect of personal dignity, fair and respectful attitude from the side of managers, employees and citizens;
  • on payment for the labor, depending on position, rank, quality, experience and seniority;
  • on career development in accordance with professional education and certification of results;
  • on safe and necessary for effective work conditions;
  • on social and legal protection;
  • on receiving the information on the materials of his personal file and to get acquainted with other documents relating to the civil service, receive guidance from district administration and the appropriate explanation, to give personal explanation;
  • to require an official investigation to refute, on his mind, unfounded allegations, or suspicions to it.
  • participate in consideration of issues and decision-making (within their competence).

20. Concrete duties and rights of employees of the district administration is defined in job descriptions.

IV. The main duties of the leadership of the district administration

Leadership of the staff of district administration must:

  • strictly comply with labor legislation;
  • to create conditions necessary for effective implementation of duties, increase productivity;
  • provide material stimulation and encouragement of officials and other employees in accordance with the results of their personal work, economical and efficient spending of salary fund, to pay wages on time;
  • implement measures aimed on strengthening of labor and executive discipline, observance of the established regime of work and rest;
  • to ensure requirements health, safety, sanitation, hygiene and fire safety according to the law;
  • promote the organization of rest and recovery of workers;
  • apply the necessary measures to prevent occupational injuries and diseases;
  • In cases, required by law, to provide in time benefits and compensation in connection with conditions of labor;
  • provide a systematic increase of skill levels of economic and legal knowledge of workers;

In appropriate cases, stipulated by law, the management of staff performs their duties with, or in consultation, with the trade union committee of the staff of district administration.


21. Time of beginning and end of the work and rest breaks was established as follows:

Shadule of work of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district state administration:

Monday - Friday: from 8 - 30 to 17 - 00

Dinner: from 13 - 00 to 13 - 30

Weekend - Saturday, Sunday.

Start time of working day of state administration can change the head of district administration in consultation with the trade union committee of district administration.

  • To carry out emergency and contingency work, civil servants and other categories of staff may be engaged to work on weekends, holidays and days off according to the legislation, payment for which should be carried according to the labor laws;
  • Alternation in the state administration carried out around the clock;

Regime of alternation of the staff is determined by the Head of State Administration.

22. Before work each employee must record his coming to work in book of accounting

23. The administration is obliged to organize accounting of entry of workers to work.

Accounting of the work time of employees of state administration carried by the department of organizational and personnel work of the district administration, by the timesheet on the prescribed form, and if necessary, using control logs of fixation of working hours and business trips. Signed responsible for account of working time and approved by the head of district administration, tables in a timely manner, should be submitted to the financial and commercial department of district administration, for the calculation of payment.

24. Annual vacations for employees of departments, divisions and other structural units and other categories of employees of the district administration are in accordance with legislation, by the Head of State Administration in accordance with the schedule of holidays, which is consisted each calendar year no later than January 25 of this year and is brought to the attention of all employees.


Vacation is based on the application, not later than 10 days before the beginning, it is submitted by: Head of state administration - to the Chairman of the regional state administration, First Vice Chairman, Chief of Staff, heads of departments, district administration staff, specialists of departments – on the name of the Chief of district administration.

Vacations for the first deputy, the deputy head, head of district staff administration provided by the Head of State Administration.

Head of State Administration, under the letter of approval of State Administration, issued an order for his departure on vacation.

Village, town, city mayors, on the basis of an agreed statement of the head of district administration,, issue disposal of their departure.

Ordering of medical or resort sanatorium vouchers submitted to the Chairman of Trade Union Committee of district administration, not later than one month before the beginning of the quarter, on which provide holidays.

The control over observance of schedule of vacations and paperwork associated with vacations, provides by Department of organizational and personal work of state administration.

Employees who depart on vacation (in private affairs) to a foreign country and who have access to state secrets, should in writing inform the head of district administration and staff of regime-secretary apparatus of state administration.

Assignment of employees in district administration carried out according to working plans of state administration, its business units, and according to the documents of higher executive authorities and other grounds.

Certification of assignment of employees of offices, departments and other structural subdivisions of the district administration issued by the department of organizational personnel work in accordance with relevant regulations.

Certificate of assignment signed by the head of staff of district administration and certified by official stamp.

The official travel of government officials abroad for education, training and probation formalized according to legislation.

25. It is prohibited to take alcohol and drugs, engage in affairs incompatible with official duties,

during working hours.

26. Citizens and officials who are not employees of the administration may be in the premises after the presentation of document that certifies their identity (passport, ID, driving license, etc.) to security.

Being of such persons in the premises administration's before 8-30 and after 17-00 and from 13-00 to 13-30 is prohibited.

27. Personal reception of citizens by managing staff and administration officials held only during the prescribed schedules, approved by the Head of Administration.

28. During the working hours it is prohibited to:

  • distract employees from their direct work, withdraw them from work for public duties and other events, unrelated to the main activity;
  • convene meetings, session and various meetings with of public affairs.

VI. Encouraging for labor achievements and progress in work

For exemplary performance of job duties, durable and perfect work and other achievements in work, the encouragements are the following:

a) bonuses;

b) Valued gifts;

c) Thanks;

d) Honorary Diplomas;

Encouraging is announced by the Head of State Administration, communicated to the entire team and noted into the employee's labor book.

VII. Responsibility for violation of labor discipline

29. Violation of labor discipline, violation of labor duties, assigned to him without valid reasons, absence without valid reasons, entails the application of disciplinary measures or social influence, as well as other measures required by law.

30. Questions about bringing of staff to disciplinary action is solved by the head of district administration.

Violation of labor discipline may apply to the following disciplinary sanctions:

  • warning about incomplete service conformity;
  • delay to one year of the appointment of a higher position;
  • reprimand;
  • dismissal.

Dismissal as a disciplinary penalty may be applied for not making duties assigned to the employee's by employment agreement or internal regulations, regardless of whether or not disciplinary measures were taken before, including truancy, as well as the appearance at work drunk.

Truancy- is absence on work without valid reason more than three hours during the day.

Regardless of the disciplinary measures to official who committed truancy without valid reason or appeared at work drunk, by the administration could get rid of bonuses or premiums for high achievement in the work and fulfillment of especially important work.

31. Disciplinary sanction applied directly by the head of the district administration, according to the offense, but not later than one month after its discovery, not counting the time of dismissal from work due to temporary disability or his stay on vacation. Disciplinary sanction may be imposed not later than 6 months after the commission of offense.

32. By applying disciplinary measures management system shall require the violator of labor discipline, a written explanation.

With the election of species of recovery by the head of district administration should take into account the severity of the offense, committed harm, the circumstances under which the offense was committed and the employee's previous work.

33. For each violation of labor discipline may be imposed only one disciplinary punishment;

34. Resolution on disciplinary action, with stipulation of reasons of its application, announced by the employee on receipt. If necessary the order communicated to the other staff.

35. Disciplinary sanction may be appealed by the employee in the manner prescribed by law.

If within one year from the date of imposition of disciplinary action the employee is not be subjected to a new disciplinary punishment, he is deemed like a person who didn’t have disciplinary punishment.

36. Chairman of the District Administration with its initiative or upon the request of the staff may order of withdrawal of recovery to one year, if the employee did not allow a new violation of labor discipline and also distinguished himself as a conscientious worker. During the term of disciplinary punishment measures of encouraging of workers to him are not applied.

VIII. Material and technical support of staff of the district administration

37. Material and technical support of activity of the district administration is conducted by the department's financial and commercial staff of district state administration.

38. Department of finance and economic provision implement measures aimed on keeping in good condition of office space, the current and capital repairs, purchase and repair of furniture, equipment, office equipment, manufacturing of printed materials, providing of staff with stationery instruments, paper, telephone, tickets for business trips, etc.

39. For writing-off of fixed assets and other property in the office of the district administration formed the commission with the material responsible person and other staff. The act of writing-off of property approved by the head of district administration.

40. When hiring, staff members receive property and wealth in personal responsibility, to perform their duties.

41. At dismissal or moving an employee from one office space to another, he must coordinate the transfer and acceptance of property and wealth with the head of staff of finance and economic provision of the district administration.

42. Transport servicing of the activity of regional state administration is made by transport of state administration.

Chief of Staff Administration O.A. Mytrofanov

Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of P.L. Kovalchuk