Description of the emblem of Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky area

(Approved by the Kyiv Regional Council from 25.09.2003, № 91-VIII)


The shape of emblem resembles a shield of retainer of Kuevan Rus, because the history of the area is closely connected with this period. This is an old heraldic tradition, that is used in the creation of various emblems in Ukraine.

Background of the shield is conditionally divided into two parts, personifying past and present.

The left side (past) - blue color. It shows the ancient Churches of the Apostles of Belgorod (the current village Bilogorodka ) - as the most brilliant page in the history of the area. Blue - the color of the sky, but, simultaneously, it represents the hope for the best.

The historical past of our country is rich in heroic pages at the same time was tragic. The defence of Russ from Pechenegs in the eleventh century, fighting in the liberation war against the Polish feudals in the sixteenth century, uprising of Koliivshchyna-eighteenth century, defense of Kyiv during the Great Patriotic War, etc..

The right side (modern) - white, as hopes for a bright future. White also symbolizes pure intentions. On the white background is shown chestnut blossoms. The district is near-capital, it says the name: Kiev-Svyatoshinsky and the face of Kyiv is chestnut. The green leef, because green colour – is a movement, development and livelihoods. Branch is complemented by abuses- pink flourished inflorescence of chestnut, because pink - the color of dreams and aspirations. Bottom of the shield - yellow color of ripe wheat fields, which is separated by the two blue wavy lines, symbolizing the presence in the area of river networks, lakes, ponds, and one of the activities of people who live there- fisheries. The main part of emblem is framed by Golden Bough (golden color indicates spirituality), which consists of two parts: on the left side in the beginning the ears are shown (agriculture is developed in the area), then - leaves of typical for the area trees (oak, ash, maple, pine, hornbeam) as evidence that forestry work in the district. Right on the branch fruits are marked (apples, pears, cherries, grapes, currants), indicating that gardening in the district is developed.

Description of flag of Kiev- Sviatoshynsky area

(Approved by the Kyiv Regional Council from 25.09.2003, № 91-VIII)

The flag of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky area is rectangular panel, which depicts equal-sized stripes of three colors: blue, white, yellow. The colors blue and yellow, not uselessly echo with the colors of the State flag of Ukraine, because the history of the area is closely linked with the history of our country. Besides, blue and yellow - are Ukrainian national colors. They have special symbolic meaning. It is a sign of water and light. They proclaim generosity, greatness, honor, prosperity, calling to the glory, honor, loyalty, peace and harmony. And yellow - it is also the color of ripe wheat fields. Even many years ago our land have been tilling, corny. A bread in Ukraine is honored and called the gift of God. Above the gold cornfield lies blue sky. The symbol of water- the purity of thought, belief in the future, adds to the white flag, which is present at the emblem of the region. Indeed, in the national outlook inspirits water, it cleans not only the body but human thoughts and intentions.